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General information on Albrecht Dürer's House.

Albrecht Dürer's House

Albrecht Dürer's House (centre) at Tiergärtnertorplatz.

Current Events in Albrecht Dürer's House

You may find information on currenct events and exhibitions in Albrecht Dürer's House on the German website.

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Guided Tours

Guided tour in English
At 2 p.m. every Saturday

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Guided tour in historical costume and audio tour

Albrecht Dürer's Workshop
Demonstration of artists' techniques in the big workshop.

General Information on Albrecht Dürer's House

"Back to Dürer" - this is the motto of Albrecht Dürer's House, presenting the living and working quarters of the great artist, Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528).

The museum shows all facets of Dürer and his work. In the screening room, the multivision show "Albertus Durer Noricus" allows a unique novel view of Dürer's work.

After this introduction, a tour takes visitors through all four floors of the house which was Dürer's residence between 1509 and 1528. A particular attraction: the large painting and printing workshop from Dürer's time where artistic techniques are demonstrated.

By the way: the lady of the house will guide visitors through her home in person. Via a headset, "Agnes Dürer" provides information (in five languages - German, English, French, Italian and Japanese) and, especially for children, she talks about her daily worries and the ups and downs in this artistic household. Sometimes, on request, she even turns up in person for a guided tour (played by an actress) for adults or children.

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The interactive media station "Digital Dürer" on the ground floor.

"Digital Dürer" and "Graphics Cabinet"

Since autumn 2010, major changes to the exhibitions at Albrecht Dürer's house have been underway. The first stage can be seen now. The changes are obvious on entering the house: now the master himself, in the shape of the famous self-portrait of 1500, welcomes visitors. His life and work are vividly illustrated in a new media station using digital representations of selected works from 43 creative years.

The new "Graphics Cabinet" on the third floor is also a major step forward in quality, created mainly as a space for changing exhibitions, often showcasing the many treasures of Nuremberg Municipal Museums' Graphic Art Collection. The new rooms succeed in making historical architecture clearly visible again, while at the same time incorporating modern, state-of-the-art, but unobtrusive exhibition technology.

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