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An actress playing "Agnes Dürer" will give visitors a personal tour of her house.

Albrecht Dürer's House

Costumed Guided Tour with Agnes Dürer

An exciting experience for children, too: a guided tour with "Agnes Dürer".

Agnes Dürer Guides Through Albrecht Dürer's House

An actress portraying Agnes Dürer, the wife of the great Nuremberg artist, will guide visitors through her house in person.

Complete with house mistress' bonnet and large key-ring fixed to her apron, she meets the visitors and tells "inside stories". So interested visitors may find out quite a bit about life and work in an artist's household, about Agnes' work in kitchen, workshop and house, about illustrious guests and (sometimes less than) industrious apprentices, about her dealings with money, and her (not always easy) relationship with Albrecht Dürer.

Her appearance is also meant to redress the balance concerning the centuries-old image of her as a shrew wife - which she certainly wasn't. Agnes came from a coppersmith"s family herself and thus was familiar with life in an artist's household. Certainly, she helped her artist husband as much as she could, running a large household and shrewdly looking after all business matters.

Guided Tours in German (not for groups)

6 p.m.
Tue, Wed, Sat
3 p.m.
11 a.m.

Guided Tours in English

2 p.m.

Special Guided Tours with "Agnes Dürer"
(for groups)

Special guided tours with "Agnes Dürer" for groups may be arranged outside fixed tour times. Tours are available in German, English, French and Russian.

In addition, Albrecht Dürer's House offers special "Agnes" guided tours - also in German, English, French and Russian - for children's groups. They are particularly entertaining and informative, a brilliant supplement to school lessons, e.g. for school classes or children's birthdays.


Guided tour with "Agnes" for individual visitors:

2.50 EUR per adult
1.00 EUR per school student
(in addition to normal admission fee)

Guided Tours with "Agnes" for children

1.00 EUR per child
2.50 EUR per accompanying adult
(in addition to normal admission fee)

"Agnes" Guided Tours for Adults (groups)

60.00 EUR per group
(in addition to group admission fee)

"Agnes" Guided Tours for Children and Young People (groups)

40.00 EUR per group
(in addition to group admission fee)

For further information on prices please call
Tel. +49 (0)911 231 - 25 68.

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